Evaluate Your Hearing

We offers a comprehensive range of hearing tests for adults and children over 5 years of age. Our dedicated team of qualified audiologists has amassed years of experience, guaranteeing a professional, friendly and dependable service you can trust.

Step 1: Hearing Health History / Hearing Needs Assessment & Evaluation

The first step will be for you to undertake a diagnostic audiological assessment with one of our trained audiologists. This assessment aims to give your audiologist an understanding of your hearing health, establish what is concerning you about your hearing, and ascertain the extent to which your hearing loss symptoms are affecting your everyday life.

Our audiologist will ask you a series of questions about your family medical history, your personal medical history (including whether you suffer from allergies, regular ear infections, etc), your work environment (to determine if you are at risk of noise-induced hearing loss), and will also ask if you’ve experienced any recent head and/or ear trauma, as injury to the cranial area can sometimes result in temporary or permanent hearing damage.

It's essential for us to gain this detailed picture of your overall hearing health to understand not only your hearing loss but also your lifestyle and your specific hearing needs, in order to offer appropriate advice on how to manage your hearing loss and tailor a hearing solution specific to your individual needs.

Step 2: Physical Ear Examination

The next step is to examine your ears with an otoscope to see if there is any wax blockage or other physical obstruction in your ears causing your hearing issues. We may even do a video otoscopy to have a closer look at your ear canals and eardrums.

All our main hearing clinics in Melbourne are also equipped with surgical microscopes and Micro-suction equipment for wax removal and ear cleaning. Sometimes a professional ear wax removal is required before reliable hearing test results can be obtained.

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