I hated my previous hearing aids. They whistled on the phone, plugged my ears, and would slide out all the time!! I never wore them in restaurants because the background noise was awful!!
My new hearing devices which i bought from Ayush Hearing Aid Centre are so much better....I wear them everywhere!!! There is no plugged up feeling, music is beautiful again and the sounds are so natural. I can wear them in restaurants, to listen to music, outside in the wind....they are so improved and no one even knows that I have them on!!! Hearing again is so wonderful!!!

Rakesh K Bhardwaj, Ludhiana

Thank you to Ayush Hearing Aid Centre for all your kindness and high level professionalism! Never have I had anyone give so much of themselves and their expertise to assure complete satisfaction to a customer-client! Your attention to detail is extraordinary and greatly appreciated. I will be referring everyone who is experiencing difficulty in hearing to you.

Jaskaran Singh Dua, Ludhiana

I highly recommend Ayush Hearing Aid Centre.  The people there are helpful, courteous, friendly and know their profession. Their goal is to help you improve your quality of life --and not to just sell you something but providing you proper hearing solution.

Ram Krishan, Jalandhar

I am very happy with my hearing aids. I love that I don’t have to turn up the TV all the time and everything is so much clearer. People don’t seem to mumble so much anymore. I personally like my charger the best. I don’t have the patience to work with the little batteries all the time. I use them only when I go on a trip. I don’t have any way to compare my Siemens hearing aids. They are the only ones I ever had and I don’t see any reason to ever change that. The staff at Ayush Hearing Aid Centre is very helpful every time I go for my 6 month check ups.
Gagandeep Singh, Amritsar

Ayush Hearing Aid Centre is very good and very well staffed. I am most happiest about how my hearing aids worked very well. If you need hearing help, this is the place to go. I gained more than I knew I lost.”

Rani Ahuja

Thank you so much for helping us buy new hearing aids for Ayush Hearing Aid Centre. They are working good.  We can talk to each other again.  Your service and personality are excellent. God Bless.

Jagdev Mann, Jagraon

I like the hearing aids very much.  Some of the best I’ve owned.  Ayush Hearing Aid Centre Hearing Aids has excellent customer service and they are very friendly.  I have gained the ability to understand conversations going on around me which makes me feel included.

Prabhjeet Grewal, Sahnewal

I have been a patient of Clear Sounds for about 8 years wearing my second pair of digital hearing aids. They are very caring and competent, and provide excellent testing and service for their hearing aids indefinitely. I would recommend them highly.

Kamal Khurana, Ludhiana

I love my hearing aids, and their service is superb. They see me for follow-up without extra cost anytime I need to come.  Ayush Hearing Aid Centre are great!

Amit Kundra, Ludhiana


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